Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting, and Music Theory Lessons


Studio Option @ Lamorinda Music

Weekday availability varies, afternoon & evening.

Rates:  $45 for a half hour, $65 for 45 minutes, $80 for an hour. Every other week lessons are a cost saving option.

Remote Lessons Using Zoom

This option has served me well during COVID but has also shown tremendous advantages and conveniences for my clients. Issues with audio and video are minimal. I use top of the line microphone, speakers, and webcam, in addition to a large high resolution monitor. These measures provide a surprisingly life-like real time face to face experience.

Home Office

Lessons at my home office in Walnut Creek. Please inquire about availability. Same rates as above.

For all options, if the first lesson goes well and you decide to continue, recurring lessons are generally booked on a monthly/4 week cycle basis. Twenty-four hours minimum notice is required for rescheduling otherwise the lesson fee is non-refundable.

My preferred methods of payment are Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle.

Paypal Option

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Lamorinda Music

I enjoyed teaching Gerard for about 3 years.
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“I have had the great good fortune of finding a great guitar teacher. I have never played any instrument in my entire life, but at 58 decided, after thinking about it for quite a while, that I wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar. For the first month I had tried to learn how to play from a book. That didn’t work out very well. I found Mark’s post on Craig’s List and after our initial email exchange, I decided that he was the type of teacher I wanted to provide me with my musical training. I have not been disappointed. Mark is a wonderful teacher.

As talented as he is as a musician, you’d think that he would have an enormous ego. He doesn’t. He is genuinely committed to conveying his love of music to his students. He is patient, thorough, and adapts his instructional techniques to the student, changing his teaching rhythm to suit the student’s progress. For me he is laying a firm foundation in musical knowledge and technique that I believe will allow me to go as far as I can possibly go musically. Most importantly, he is helping me gain a well-founded confidence that I can actually learn to create beautiful music. Thank you, Mark!”