In studio with Tiffany- 4 years of lessons
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“I have been taking lessons with Mark for over a year.

As an adult learning how to play an instrument for the first time, I was pretty nervous. Mark’s calm nature immediately put me at ease.

I thought I was going to have to spend a good amount of time practicing chords and learning Mary Had a Little Lamb, so I was surprised when Mark started me right off working on playing songs I actually like. This definitely gave me more motivation. ┬áThis is how we’ve done all our lessons. I’m pretty amazed at the breadth of songs that Mark knows and when I managed to find a few songs he didn’t know he was able to pick them up quickly after listening to them on my MP3. He really makes the effort to help me learn to play the songs I pick. And somehow he also manages to sneak in lessons about music theory and tips on technique.

As a professional, I don’t have a consistent schedule and Mark is always flexible to meet my needs.

Another big plus for me is the fact that Mark gives lessons at the Jam Brothers store which is extremely convenient. Bonus: whenever I’ve needed extra gear like a guitar strap, everything I need is right there.

I’ve seen Mark with many different kinds of students, from kids to AARP members. He is a great teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar. So dust off that old guitar or bring in your little future rock star (while you grab a sub at Morucci’s)!”

Mark Benjamin

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