Dan drove to Walnut Creek from Oakland for his lessons.
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“Mark is an excellent, patient, friendly teacher, and fantastic guitar player. I’ve been playing guitar for decades but have never taken lessons up until now. I feel like each lesson unlocks a different secret of electric rock and blues guitar for me: pentatonic scales, palm mutes, tapping, bends, power chords, arpeggios, pinch harmonics and other techniques that I have yet to learn. He has also explained tablature to me, which has opened up a whole new world.

I show up each lesson with some ideas that I’d like covered, or a song that I’d like to learn. Mark understands what I’m trying to do, makes it look easy, and then, amazingly, makes it easy for me to do to the way he explains it and shows it.

He then goes on to write out exercises in tablature for me to work on.

It has been a positively motivating experience to practice during the week, knowing that I’ll have a lesson with Mark on the weekend to review what I’ve been working on.

If you’d like to treat yourself to something good, and quickly improve your playing, I’d recommend taking lessons from Mark.”

Mark Benjamin

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