Eric- special needs student for 14 years and Randy in large group.
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“Adele and I wanted to thank you for the on-going exceptional support you give Eric during his weekly guitar lessons. You are able to relate to Eric on his level and have obviously adjusted your teaching technique to work with his special needs. You are able to “hit the right buttons” with Eric and have kept him enthused and excited about the guitar for over 10 years. He really looks forward to Friday evenings, it’s often the highlight of his week. Your training goes beyond just playing the notes. Eric often amazes us with his knowledge of songs including singer, song writer, backup players and more. We always ask him “How do you know so much?” and he says “Mark told me”. We really appreciate all your efforts and the enthusiasm you have for your job. It has had a very positive impact on Eric’s life.

Thanks for everything,”


Mark Benjamin

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